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Design services generally fall into three broad categories: 1) design only, 2) design and sales only, and 3) design and/or sales. All 3 categories include design because that is the most important step in the process. When your space is designed properly, it will be a place that is both pleasurable to use and pleasing to the eye. To that end, Perspective Cabinetry & Design offers services in the 3rd category.
1) We collaborate with you on the design of your space.
2) We help you select stylish, quality products to complete the look, or
3) we can provide a complete, detailed, and thorough set of plans for you to shop elsewhere.
We look forward to assisting you in whatever capacity you require.
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Kitchen Design

It’s exciting to think about having a brand new kitchen!  You’ve combed through the stacks of magazine articles, created your Houzz Ideabook and Pinterest Board and collected ideas from family and friends.  But the excitement can quickly turn to panic as you contemplate all the details and decisions to be made – and begin to realize that each detail must dovetail seamlessly into the next.  Creating a kitchen layout is the first hurdle in the process. When your kitchen is designed properly, it will be a place that functions effortlessly and looks amazing! That’s exactly why there are kitchen design professionals to guide you through the process.  Ouf designers will help you identify your design style, establish a realistic budget, and select products that achieve your aesthetic, function, and budget requirements.  Call us today!

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Bathroom Design

Close your eyes and envision a beautiful oasis of function, organization, and aesthetic appeal; a sanctuary where stress and worry trickle away like raindrops on a pane of glass.  Bathrooms may be smaller than kitchens, but no less daunting when it comes to design, function, and implementation. Let our talented designers  chart your course through many of the popular bathroom trends today:  floating vanities, radiant-heat flooring, stunning tile accents, frameless showers, visual and audio technology, hearths, heated towel bars, freestanding tubs, shower benches, storage solutions, steam showers, exquisite lighting,  and the vast ocean of options on the market today.

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Interior Design

Despite how well-designed your space is, a room without style just isn’t interesting.  Whether your space is a kitchen or bath, a study, family room, or pool house, our interior designers can help you weave color, contrast, and texture into your design.  They can assist with decisions as small as helping you select cabinet hardware and as large as assembling an entire package of paint color, tile, countertops, flooring, lighting, and accessories.   Our degreed designers understand that creating beautiful design is about more than inspiration or a great idea.  They skillfully apply the principles of design (balance, proportion, unity) through utilization of the elements of design (line, color, shape, etc.) to create a space that is both appealing and uniquely yours.

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