Transitional Kitchen

Transitional Design

Transitional design comes from a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. Cabinetry in this style typically uses cleaner lines and less embellishment, most often featuring flat panel door styles with simple edge details, and restrained use of decorative elements.  There is a larger color palette range, frequently using a combination of deep rich tones alongside splashes of lighter, brighter tones.  Mixing wood finishes and painted finishes within the same space is not unusual.

Granite or man-made quartz countertops are both used in this design style.  Back-splash tiles often have a more textural feel, creating visual interest.  Cabinet hardware tends to be more simple than the hardware seen in traditional kitchens.

~Our goal was to not only update the kitchen, but increase our workspace. I enjoyed how easy it was for us to make decisions. We discussed the project with our designer and samples were brought directly to us. The new peninsula makes entertaining easy.

The end result is just beautiful. I couldn't be happier. The kitchen is beautiful and blends with the rest of the house.~